French undergraduate EFL student recommendations: listening, speaking & phonetics | Learning technologies for EFL |


Scripted dialogues with multiple choice questions and scripts.

Texts read aloud followed by vocabulary practice with audio and comprehension questions

Watch movie trailers with clickable transcripts allowing you to jump to a particular place in the trailer.

Native speakers read short texts aloud, which listeners can follow onscreen or

print a PDF with a gap-fill exercise.  There are also vocabulary definitions.

English-language radio based in Monaco - listen online or at 106.5

Video clips under 10 minutes featuring famous and ordinary individuals interviewed on all sorts of topics.  (You also have the option of videorecording and uploading your own story.)

Listen online or download mp3 files to hear novels chapter by chapter.  LM Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, Paul Auster's The Red Notebook, and Dickens' Great Expectations were favourites.


video game walkthroughs

Gamers record screencasts of themselves playing a game and post the video to YouTube.

One student recommends Amnesia White Night (Morfar; strong language and mildly violent/disturbing warning)



2 minute video extracts with optional subtitles, followed by vocabulary practice (type the word you hear, check native pronunciation with clickable phonetic symbols; repeat a word into your mic and get immediate feedback).  Share on Facebook.

Live audio or video chat with native speakers.

Live text, audio or video chat with other learners of English.  You can also record a video role-play for feedback from a native speaker (but only once without paying).




Short explanations and advice for hearing and producing English sounds.

Advice on a technique for improving pronunciation by reading along with a scripted recording.