Super Easy Serbian - Greetings A1

Super easy course for beginners in #Serbian 

Learn Serbian Conjugations with Short Dialogues - YouTube This video is a part of Serbian Online courses where you can learn Serbian with short stories followed by explanatio...
Food in Serbian - Vocabulary and Accusative - YouTube Teaches you Serbian for free! In this lesson you can learn about words for Food and some verbs such as: 1. doručkovati = to have brea...
Learn Serbian - Šta je ovo ? Ovo je / Ovo su... - YouTube Join free learn Serbian Activator "What can you see ?" " I see ..." + Accusative (pita- vidim pitU, tortU...
Hrana Slides – Njam-njam and bljak !
Quite literally, the first in a series of bite-sized #Serbian lessons
Slovo Majstor -- Ispravljanje ošišane (ćelave) latinice, preslovljavanje latinice i ćirilice
Slovo Majstor vam omogućava da ispravite ošišanu (ćelavu) latinicu kao i da preslovite latinicu u ćirilicu i obrnuto.
Serbian 101 by Marina Petrovic | Udemy

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Advanced Exercises in Serbian

The newest #advanced #Serbian exercise on

Learn Serbian: Don't Miss Naša Snajka on Youtube

Finally a great Youtube channel dedicated to teaching you both the Serbian language and customs :)

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Serbian lessons based on fun videos and real meaningful lanugage.