Real Innovation in Education Is About the Internet | Learning in a Information & Knowledge Society |

Enrique Rubio:  Internet como el nuevo entorno 'vital' (global, en red y complejo) al que debemos adaptarnos y en el que debemos desarrollarnos.


"The world is online... The world as we know is has changed. The world adapts to new technologies as fast as innovators can dream of them. Our children know it"


"We, as educators, parents, leaders, have the opportunity and the responsibility to now build strong, student-centered learning networks through technology"


"How, then, can we underestimate technology and the Internet in education when they are such accessible and customizable resources for learning, creativity, and innovation? The Internet is part of our reality, and we would do well by our children to accept and embrace it -- in classrooms and beyond"

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, enrique rubio royo, Jesús Salinas