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10monkeys - A Fun Math App for Elementary School Students' iPads

10monkeys - A Fun Math App for Elementary School Students' iPads | Learning environment | Scoop.it
10monkeys is an iPad app that elementary school students will enjoy using to practice their multiplication skills. The premise of the game is that students have to free the monkeys by correctly ans...

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How To Say 'Beer' Everywhere In Europe

How To Say 'Beer' Everywhere In Europe | Learning environment | Scoop.it

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Edelin Espino's curator insight, December 5, 2014 11:46 AM

Well pivo sounds funny, and Cervesa sound classy. I wonder how you say "Cwrw". Maybe: " See-warwar". It's funny.

Alyssa Dorr's curator insight, December 17, 2014 7:13 PM

This map tells us all the different ways that people say the word "beer" in Europe. All the light brown regions call it beer or bier. The dark brown calls it ale and the yellow regions call it pivo. Black regions have other untitled names for beer and the oranges regions refer to beer as cerveza. According to the map, a majority of Europe uses the words pivo and beer/bier. Only a few countries use the world cervaza, which is interesting to me because this word was relatively familiar to me.

Jason Schneider's curator insight, February 12, 2015 6:32 PM

When it comes to languages, it's obvious that most of the English language from the United States spreads overseas to Europe. However, the accents of simple English comes from living in Europe so they put a little spin on the english language. Also, there are some languages that can have similar word pronunciations as English such as the french language and the german language. As you can see, most of those languages are on the western side of Europe but there is a big chunk of Spain that speaks the spanish language. Since Spain is as big as it is and it is furthest to the west than any other European country, that makes the United States have the spanish language as their most popular foreign language.

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Flipped Learning explained visually

Flipped Learning explained visually | Learning environment | Scoop.it

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David Donat's curator insight, July 24, 2013 3:26 PM

Una bona presentació de la "Flipped Classroom": no és un mètode pedagògic, sinó una manera més d'enfocar l'aprenentatge, que pot anar bé en algunes ocasions i que en d'altres no tant. Es pot plantejar com un recurs més, combinable amb qualsevol altre.

La meva opinió és que els alumnes són tan diversos que no hi ha cap metodologia "ideal". Cadascun necessitarà eines i processos diferents i per tant, quantes més dinàmiques i metodologies s'utilitzin (i més flexibles siguin) millor s'atendrà a cadascun d'ells. No cal dir que amb ratios de més de 30 adolescents per aula tampoc es poden fer miracles.

Gilles Le Page's curator insight, July 24, 2013 4:07 PM


Bárbara Mónica Pérez Moo's curator insight, July 25, 2013 12:10 PM

Dara para mucho, vamos iniciando!