11 Tips You Can Use Today to Develop Outstanding Content for Your Blog | Leadership, Trust and e-Learning | Scoop.it

How often should I post on my blog?... How long should my posts be?... Can I have other people write articles for me?... How far can I stray from my chosen topic?


How do I create incredible content that attracts hundreds of comments and shares? How do I keep people coming back to read everything I publish?


At some point, all bloggers have these and dozens of other questions about developing content. Maybe you’re struggling with some of them right now.


As we gear up for the launch of our new blog Expert Enough as part of the Million Dollar Blog Project, we’ve been thinking a lot about content strategy. I’m going to share our content strategy for the new blog later in this post, but first, here are 11 of my top tips for developing outstanding content for your blog:

Via Martin Gysler