Preparing for Adaptive Learning | Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity |

In formalized education, there’s a predetermined set of things that children are supposed to know, and there’s a good amount of research pushing people into a particular way of teaching them. This leads to large amount of content that consistently supports particular learning objectives. I’m not stating that formal education has the right learning objectives to prepare a child for the world they are going to enter, but I am saying the consistency in content requirements makes this easier from the adaptive perspective.


In real work, the complexity multiplies. There are two huge differences between formal education and the working world: the variation in jobs roles and the work to be done by people in those roles. Learning technologies will be continuously developed to get smarter about accounting for such fuzziness, but until then we can make it easier to work with many different new technologies as they arrive.

Here are three steps we all need to take to get ready for better, smarter support by the technology we choose to use.


We’re on the edge of some radical and exciting changes.

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