The art of mastering a virtual team: Five standards  (Part 1) | leadership in virtual teams |

(Bonnie Andrews on TDS blog)

Would it surprise you if I told you there’s no art to mastering a virtual team?


Because there’s not.


If you’re going to master and successfully run a virtual team, it’s not about art, it’s all about science. It’s about defining roles, systems, organizations and being deliberate. Most of all, it’s about a well-oiled machine.


How do I know? Because I’ve been part of a virtual team for years—long before they became a trend. I’ve worked with people all around the world. Through this experience, I have come to understand the science behind virtual teams. And, I know firsthand what a high producing, successful virtual team can do.


In my opinion, there are five standards and three tools that every successful virtual team should employ—without exception. Let me illustrate with examples from a hobby of mine: football.

Via Arie Baan, Nader Ale Ebrahim