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Companies spend billions of dollars each year on leadership development. And there is an urgent need to ensure that the next generation of executives is prepared to lead. But the overwhelming number of leadership theories and programs are confusing. What criteria should businesses use to judge whether someone is ready to lead? And how can decision makers know if someone is likely to succeed in a leadership role?


Gallup has researched leadership for more than 40 years, interviewing and studying more than 50,000 leaders in many different industries, including healthcare, education, government, financial services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and telecommunications. This long-term study has yielded two crucial insights:


Leadership is best understood as a set of roles in an enterprise. These roles differ in tasks and responsibilities. But viewed together, they provide a complete picture of the leadership needs of a company and how those needs are met.The best performers in each leadership role invariably possess the talent and experience to meet the needs of the role and, by extension, the needs of the enterprise.
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