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4 Key Communication Skills for Business Leaders

4 Key Communication Skills for Business Leaders | leadership | Scoop.it

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Leadership is natural and shaped by experience.

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It can be a challenge with intercultural business relationships.
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Our solution has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of Small and Medium scale business enterprises, to help them tackle everyday work challenges as they follow the path of expansion and growth.

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Surge in demand for senior cyber security experts as skills shortage hits SCMagazineUK.com

Surge in demand for senior cyber security experts as skills shortage hits SCMagazineUK.com | leadership | Scoop.it

The demand for cyber security experts is growing at 12 times the rate of the overall job market.


This is making it one of the most highly sought-after fields in the USA, according to a report by Boston-based Burning Glass International. This trend is also being seen across Europe and the rest of the world. Here at CTPartners we have seen the number of such assignments double over the past 12 months.


Corporations across all industries are adjusting their organisational structures to include CISOs in their senior leadership teams. However, there is a limited supply of senior cyber security professionals with the requisite combination of sophisticated information technology expertise and intelligence security backgrounds needed to protect corporate property from cyber threats.


This role requires a unique combination of skill-sets. The CISO must possess both a highly sophisticated understanding of information technology systems and ideally, formative training in either law enforcement or with the intelligence services.


Typically, the CISO will have immediate and direct access to the CEO, the board and senior management when a threat is detected. While working closely with the CIO on day-to-day operational security, cyber security experts also have to be able to take an objective perspective across a broad spectrum of legal, compliance and regulatory issues that can impact both IT operations and the business as a whole.


Although we use the term CISO, job titles in this role can vary; information risk management officer or chief information assurance officer are also used. The exact wording is normally agreed between the candidate and the employer in the contractual negotiations. The title is less important than the depth and breadth of the information access that this individual holds.


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