Le pouvoir du transhumanisme
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Le pouvoir du transhumanisme
Imaginez un monde où chacun peut étendre ses capacités physiques et intellectuelles par la technologie
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Life 2.0 : life has become customizable.

Life 2.0 :  life has become customizable. | Le pouvoir du transhumanisme | Scoop.it
Follow the progress of our exponentially accelerating technologies and the way they will transform humanity.

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Un blog qui traite de quantified self, transhumanisme, amélioration génétique, biotechnologies, implants neuronaux, nanorobots, cybertnétique...

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Nanotechnology T-Shirt to replace batteries? Towards wearable energy storage

Nanotechnology T-Shirt to replace batteries? Towards wearable energy storage | Le pouvoir du transhumanisme | Scoop.it

If current research is an indicator, wearable electronics will go far beyond just very small electronic devices or wearable, flexible computers. Not only will these devices be embedded in textile substrates but an electronics device or system could ultimately become the fabric itself. Electronic textiles (e-textiles) will allow the design and production of a new generation of garments with distributed sensors and electronic functions. Such e-textiles will have the revolutionary ability to sense, act, store, emit, and move – think biomedical monitoring functions or new man-machine interfaces – while ideally leveraging an existing low-cost textile manufacturing infrastructure.
All these wearable and potentially textile-embedded electronic gadgets will require power; and it wouldn't make sense to have to plug your sleek flexible sleeve display into a bulky lithium-ion battery brick. Researchers are therefore pushing the development of wearable energy storage. Especially supercapacitors with a cable-type architecture could lead to flexible energy storage devices that can remove traditional restriction and achieve a subversive technology that could open up a path for design innovation.
Researchers have now demonstrated that flexible cotton threads can be used as a platform to fabricate a cable-type supercapacitor.

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JanHenk Bouman's curator insight, August 30, 2013 3:05 AM

Bekijk ook deze TEDtalk over nano-energyvan Justin Hall




Wat is nanotechnologie?




Nanotechnologie is de techniek die het mogelijk maakt te werken met deeltjes in de grootteorde van nanometers (afkorting nm, een miljardste van een meter).

Dit is een schaal van grootte die net boven die van atomen (0,060 nm tot 0,275 nm) en eenvoudige moleculen ligt. Een criterium is dat een structuur in op zijn minst één dimensie minder dan 100 nanometer groot is. Veelgebruikte toepassingen van nanotechnologie zijn de emulsie van kleine deeltjes ('nanodeeltjes') titaniumoxide in verf- en vernissoorten, deeltjes in zonnebrandcreme, cosmetica, koolstof ingeckotape (sterk plakband, principe bewezen, in ontwikkeling)[1][2], zilver in voedselverpakking, kleding, verband, desinfectiemiddelen en huishoudapparatuur en cerium als katalysator bij verbranding.

De grote opslagcapactiteit van computergeheugens is tevens een toepassing van nanotechnologie. Een probleem van nanotechnologie is de onbekende giftigheid van de nieuwe producten.


Linda Allen's curator insight, August 30, 2013 7:16 AM

 work in the apparel business; this would be an amazing product. Apparel has always been a walking bill board for a company; this would be amazing.

David Bell's curator insight, August 31, 2013 5:20 AM

New corporate "casual tee-shirt days" to avoid battery running out?  ;)