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Low impact Le Marche Accommodation

Hans, Elizabetta and Elizabetta’s daughter Francesca run a small, organic farm, called “Lavanda Blu” producing olive oil, lavender, vegetables, herbs and fruits.
Hans is a carpenter and construction project manager from Amsterdam. In 2006, after several years of searching for a beautiful spot in Le Marche to make his home in, he found this farm which had been abandoned for 17 years. Using his skills, he has carefully restored the farmhouse, retaining its clean lines and country charm. Hans is a cyclist and speed skater and he organizes cycling itineraries for guests.
Elizabetta is from the USA, but was raised mostly in Rome. She has 2 kids, Francesca and Nathaniel who is in the USA. She is a chef and an interior architectural designer. Passionate about food, its history, cultivation, nutrition and a member of the Italian Slow Food Organization. Elizabetta organizes evenings celebrating local foods and cooking classes at the farm.
During the winter months, Francesca lives in Rome where she is at university and teaches English.

  • They love the quiet and the beauty of the farm, their area and their neighbors and thus strive to make a small foot print on the planet and have a positive impact on their local community.
  • They live in an area where water is in short supply, especially in the summer so they choose not to have a swimming pool because the negative environmental impact (the high water consumption and chemical pollution).
  • They heat the house and the water with sansa, the leftovers of the olive oil production and wood, both of which leave a small impact on the environment.
  • They use cleaning agents which are environmentally friendly, they recycle, re-use and buy locally whenever possible. They collect rain water for our plants and landscape with mostly indigenous plants that need little water.
  • They enjoy sharing their tiny corner of the earth with others. The revenues of the hospitality activity is a fundamental part of the sustainability of their project
A great success, judging by the clients especially in summer.