Pamilla - High End Children's Clothing Hand Made in Le Marche - SS2013 | Le Marche & Fashion |

Lightness is matter. To describe a state of mind. Be a girl, but feeling itself a princess. To dream. Discover new worlds with fantasy.
Pamilla’s creations fly high, and they immediately cast you in “another" elected high dimension.  Softer tones, ethereal, impalpable, which mostly are not much different from light clothes that combine sometimes shades of powder, others some amber reflection. It happens, however, that in this palette of nuances "suspended" some strong color makes room for itself, and when it does, the effect adds wonder to wonder.
The cuts and the works are so elaborate that you can achieve them only by hand.
In addition to co-workers whose age, experience and dedication are directly proportionate to the level, courtly, manufacturing.
Threads of silk, satin, linen and lightweight cotton draw elegant, smooth, flavor 50es, cutting a "V" and balloon construction.
Fluffy multilayer of organza and tulle frills give life to clothes that defy gravity, the rustle of satin and a flurry of pleated out, in a tone of gentle pink, an explosive power.
The arabesques are born by the sinuosity of the plots; sometimes seem made inlays, other reliefs. Wisdom is everywhere: in the details made and applied by hand, to be observed in macro flowers sewn in satin roses that bloom on the bodice of the more romantic dress.
Constellations of rhinestones, thousands, one after the other as if to chase along unpredictable paths and
endless. Embedded jewels that furrow and cover all-over clothes which are girded at the waist by the brand, they enhance designs that decorate the bodices, follow each other in unbroken foliage and anthologies that bloom on neckline and shoulders, until it reaches the knees.
A bouquet of flowered fields emanate from a myriad of flowers which can oscillate at the first breeze, or shine in the sunshine.
A kaleidoscope of colors, of shapes and of facets: like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and ... smarties candy make luscious the satin dress and the coordinated bucket handbag. Feast for the eyes. And for the palate.
Valuable visual stimuli that can be found mixed in a round of designs and decorations also within white jersey edged pink dress. In the night-time version, the play of children is fascinated by the splendor of a magical shower of stars, leaving close the curtain / pleats on the shoulders of a long black satin ribbon.
Meticulous attention and care that the ornament itself becomes the essence, they are the purest essence that emanates from every form. Fit and comfort, useless to remember, are undisputed, as due.