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Today I'll tell you about the collection of bags proposed by Piero Guidi INTRECCIO ART for the SS 2012. Art takes us back in that atmosphere Hippy Chic-of the 70s, a period in which it was born intreccio in leather (weave bags). The new version reproduces in a graphic way the irregular strips in leather of the inspirational line, creating an elegant combination of modernity and tradition. The calls of the Seventies from the origins are clearly evident in some elements such as the pendant-carabiner with detachable keychain, from which two braids with tassels appear decorated with a petal with a marble from the enamel Angels. Another quote from those years are the mirror logo “PG” of the House of Piero Guidi, which is printed in some of the metal strips and the nuts applied on the leather as decoration. The newest master’s touch that enhances the whole ensemble is the application of a grain with an embossed effect of cordura to give the new three-dimensional fantasy.