Contemporary style from Le Marche: Department 5 | Le Marche & Fashion |

Department 5 is a brand that is slowly introducing some of the best shops in the peninsula. All made ​​in Italy, Department 5 is the result of the successful marriage between Catria Confezioni (based in Marotta, Marche, known for its high production quality) and the properties of Space in Milano Marittima. The result, putting together one of the most modern and avan-garde factory in casual fashion in made ​​in Italy and the minds behind one of the shops ahead of the peninsula can only be a product which meets the needs of the public. A high quality product, not shouted, but modern and well done. Materials and finishes of first choice. Among some of the pieces that we find in the preview of the upcoming collection are washed jeans with a modern and appealing label (5 is becoming a very lucky number in fashion …), and some really nice jackets including the canvas military color that here we publish. Always perfectly fitted the shirts, which sure must have is one in stone-washed denim.