International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012 | Le Marche another Italy |

The city of Fabriano has announced its second edition of the ‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’ an event that the Tourism Councillorship of the Municipality of Fabriano will open on June 2nd 2012, at the Paper and Watermark Museum. The museum is the ideal site to hold the Italian 2nd International Prize dedicated to Watercolour Art.
The winner of the Biannual watercolour Prize is Angus McEwan with the artwork “Taking the strain 2"
The biennial exhibition, conceived by the Paper and Watermark Museum in collaboration with InArte and Ava (Venetian Watercolour Association), will welcome renowned and internationally acclaimed artists.
The artists participating in the exhibition are 51 from all over the globe (15 different Countries) of which 21 are young emerging artists, selected by the ‘Accademie di Belle Arti Italiane’ and International Art Schools and Accademy for their creativity.
The works of art will be exhibited and open to the public till August 26th at the new exposition gallery created within the Paper and Watermark Museum.
The exhibition will also exhibit a session dedicated to the works of art by the six Judging panel members of the “Marche d’Acqua” Prize and a special guest session dedicated to Pedro Cano's "Desnudos en el Papel".

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