Acclaimed mosaic artist Ben Craven exhibits 'Once upon a time' at the Palazzo Bonfranceschi in Belforte del Chienti | Le Marche another Italy |

Last night we attended the launch of a very special exhibition in an appropriately atmospheric venue. The exhibition 'Once Upon a time' by Ben Craven was set in the International Dynamic Contemporary Art Museum (otherwise known as the Palazzo Bonfranceschi) in the breathtaking hilltop town of Belforte Del Chienti. British Ben Craven has spent almost a decade living in Le Marche with his young family amongst the rural community and farmers for whom the exhibition was dedicated.

The exhibition 'Once upon a time' by Ben Craven.

As neighbour's of Ben's we too have experienced the inherent values of the Marchegano people (tireless hospitality, kinship & kindness) representing an enduring traditional Italian community, we felt the exhibition captured the core of these people.

The exhibition cannot be said better than in the words of the (MIDAC) director Alfonso Caputo in

'The portraits by Ben Craven are very tangible. They are heavy for the matter that composes them. They are heavy for the fullness and complexity of the lives portrayed. They are heavy for the stories they contain. They are signs of a non superficial passage among the things of the daily world. They are not just faces, but also and especially the dialogues that have been developed with these people.