Help a family in an Organic Farm in the beautiful Le Marche, Italy - | Le Marche another Italy |
  • Description - We are an organic farm in the picturesque area of Le Marche Italy. We generally produce pasta wheat, sunflower seeds, olive oil and grapes for juice. The farm is 15 mins to the seaside and 35mins to the mountains. Before farming I worked in the music world touring bands, I still do a bit now and then.
  • Area - Le Marche
  • Type of work - Animal care, Farming, General Maintenance, Gardening
  • Work - In the winter months we start pruning the vines and olive trees. This year we hope to demolish a section of our vineyard as it has become to old to cultivate and replant a new one. There is also a vegetable garden to regenerate. As you would expect these are weather dependent activities but you will be surrounded by beautiful countryside. Other than that general small scale farming which can be varied but generally not too strenuous (the tractor does that!) More a case of keeping it tidy and productive
  • Languages spoken - English & Italian
  • Accommodation - We operate a high quality holiday 3 bedroom apartment for tourists in the summer months but out of season it is vacant. It does have central heating, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, tv/hifi and internet. Seasonal veg depending what we have in the garden. Bikes are available and BBQ.
  • What else - If you have no transport I can take you around and about. We are reasonably served by a good bus service and trains are 15 mins from the house to all parts of Italy.