Millenary comfort by Lucina: wearing Ancient Romans shoes today | Le Marche another Italy |

What did the ancient Romans wear on their feet?
That’s what Anna asked herself. Drawing on stimuli from the impressive Roman ruins of “Urbs Salvia”, she tried to find an answer taking into consideration the fact that the Romans covered far more ground on foot compared with most people these days. In order to walk such enormous distances, they had to have had very comfortable and hard-wearing shoes.

The Lucina Calzature project was developed in order to offer a product which could best satisfy our millennia long desire for well-being and comfort. The realisation of the Lucina line of footwear has applied as philological an approach as possible in two main aspects: the basic material to be used, and the production technique to be followed.
These questions were analysed on the basis of bibliographic knowledge of a historic and archaeological nature, and of noted information of literary and iconographic sources. The method of work followed, which may be defined as experimental archaeology, has allowed the production of goods which, although by form may be compared with the footwear of Roman times, they still respect modern day needs.