Top 10 foods to eat in Italy (and Le Marche) in the Autumn | Le Marche another Italy |
  1. I Tartufi (EE tar-TOO-fee / Truffles)
  2. Il Vino Novello (EEL VEE-noh noh-VEHL-loh / New Wine)
  3. L’Olio Nuovo (LOHL-ee-oh NOO-oh-voh / New Olive Oil) and Le Olive (LEH oh-LEE-veh / Olives)
  4. I Funghi Porcini (EE FOON-ghee pohr-CHEE-nee / Porcini Mushrooms)
  5. I Fichi (EE FEE-kee / Figs)
  6. Le Castagne or I Marroni (LEH cah-STAH-nyeh or EE mah-ROH-nee / Chestnuts) and Il Castagnaccio (EEL kah-stahn-YAHCH-cho / Chestnut Flour Cake)
  7. Schiacciata con l’Uva (skeeach-CHA-tah AHL LOO-vah / Grape Tuscan Bread) and L’Uva (LOO-vah / Grapes)
  8. Le Zucche (LEH ZOO-keh / Squash or Pumpkin)
  9. I Cachi or I Diosperi (EE CAHK-ee or EE dee-OHS-pehr-ee / Persimmons)
  10. I Fichi d’India (EE FEE-kee DEEN-dee-ah / Prickly Pears)