A Run with the frogs to celebrate the independence: Palio della Rana | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

With the 48th Palio della Rana in the Region of Le Marche and its historical reenactment called the 'Race of the Frog' you make a trip back in time as the origins go way back as 1607 when the Sunday after Easter Fermignano celebrates its independance from Montefeltro.
Young men run wheelbarrows through town each with a frog on it. If the frog jumps off, you must stop pick him up and keep on running. The runners represent the seven districts of the town that, divided into two age groups, participate in the 170-meter course (186 yards) stretching along the main street of via M. Liberta.
There is a parade through town with lords and ladies, knights, flag bearing attendants, musicians, drummers, ancient craftsmen, falconers, fireworks and lot of food.
Food booths organized by each of the competing contrada (district) sell plates of everything from polenta with porcini, pasta with wild boar sauce, and, of course, fried frog legs. You can support one contrada by sampling their food specialities, support the team and celebrate the victory with the contrada.