The Big Bio Cocano Project Haiti is a project for marketing the raw coffee grown and harvested by Haitian peasant families using completely natural methods in line with organic farming practices. The main objective of the Pascucci-Montebello project, launched jointly with Gino Girolomoni (one of the founding fathers of organic farming in Italy) is to ensure coffee producers are paid a fair price, thus improving the local community’s productive and organizational capabilities , providing technical support for coffee production and processing, consolidating skills in agricultural management and monitoring, improving traditional cultivating methods, introducing more modern methods of growing coffee which are still compatible with the environment and encouraging sustainable agriculture with the objective of protecting the environment through a rational use of the production resources.

With the free assistance provided by the Pascucci Agricultural Service, and the input of the agronomist Diane Nsengiyumva, farmers can benefit from a cutting edge training programme whilst ensuring the company gets the quality it needs to make excellent coffees.

With a combination of farm visits and agricultural seminars, the agronomist can teach farmers the techniques for improving quality and increasing income. The training also provides work equipment such as gloves, boots, scissors and other tools. The use of organic fertilizers to increase soil productivity is also taught.... read the full article