Ancon - Moscow: from June Marche closer to Russia | Le Marche another Italy |

Great news for the Airport of the Marche : from June, for 18 weeks, take off a flight between Ancona and Domodedovo Airport in Moscow .

The news was announced by the President of the Region Marche , Gian Mario Spacca , who said : “ the Ancona-Moscow flight will be operated by one of the largest Russian tour operators , Ics Group, who packed 'packages Brands ’ to offer about 200 Russian travel agencies , particular area of Moscow . Tours in Marche were included in the catalog of Ics and we know that in a few days I have been sold a number of ”.
At least 10 thousand Russian tourists , “ the first place among the big spenders , followed by the Japanese ”, arriving in the Marche .
At a time of great crisis this is a good news for brands and domestic tourism . The flight Ancona-Moscow will in fact many Russian tourists in Marche ( and Marche in Russia ). will also be a great tool by managers and entrepreneurs Marches to achieve faster without having to other airports in Russia ( as the Fiumicino airport in Rome ).
According to the President Spacca : “ region has chosen to work with the tour operator and not directly with the airline because in this way , next-the-fly , will be guaranteed the sale of tourist packages for Brands . L’interesse, a Mosca, is already very strong as evidenced by the sale of a number of packages in a few days by the insertion in catalog . Russia is a regional tourism strategy in the areas of greatest appeal , also due to the presence of an increasing number of tourists from high-end .

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