Luca Agnani, Macerata: Videomapping from Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |

Videomapping it’s a video projection technique that transforms a surface in a display. Using suitable software you create animations of the surface which are then projected. The final effect is an illusion in 3D, in practice it is the projection of a video.
Luca Agnani is s Digital lighting, 3d & Visual Mapping Artist born in Macerata in 1976.
Luca works for advertising agencies, organization of events, associations, municipalities and individuals, creating artworks for celebration of a place of worship or a monument, at the opening of a shopping center, or the opening night of a nightclub.
He was selected to lead his performances at major italian festivals including the Lpm of Rome, the Kernel Festival in Milan, Dancity of Foligno, the Robot in Bologna, Acusmatiq of Ancona and Barrakuda Festival in Croatia.
 Outstanding are his works on the front of the Arena Sferisterio during the week of culture, on the Duomo of Catania on the feast of St.Agatha, on the Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona for the opening concert of Yann Tiersen and on the Sanctuary of San Michele on the occasion of receiving the UNESCO award.
His works are mainly characterized by the absence of elements and closely related to architecture and its history.