Fruit and Vegetables from Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |
The Aso Valley or Val d'Aso, is one of the most important valleys for the horticultural activity, has a long tradition of and is the principal zone for the production of fruit and vegetables in Le Marche.
From Pedaso towards the Sibillini mountains you will be amazed at the number of family run business that continue to thrive on the valley floor.
Many of these small business have in recent years moved over to organic or low impact production and rekindled some of their disappearing cultivation technics.
There is the possibility to visit the farm shops and buy freshly picked fruit and vegetables, jams, fruit in syrup, vegetables under oil or pickled.
Peaches, cherries, apricots and plums exist in large quantity and variety but one fruit is internationally recognised as unic: the Mela Rosa dei Sibillini
The pink apple is a traditional variety of the whole range of the foothills of central Italy.
Typical, in pieces spread, even in orchards and gardens, was the traditional family orchard .
It is an ancient type, which are found historical information dating back to prehistoric times:

"As for flavor, the apples are inferior to those of Tivoli Piceno, but do more figure"
Horace (65 BC), Horatian satire, the 4th and 8th of the 2nd book.

The cultivation area coincides with the territory of the Mountain Community of Sibillini, then spread from the areas up to the high Apennine valleys and slopes close to the chain of the Sibillini Mountains.
Their cultivation had been almost completely abandoned and survived only some very old tree shed. Nowadays, this incredible fruit, is back in culture and thanks to the work of several years of the Mountain Community of Sibillini, we all can bite a "monument of taste and tradition".
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