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One of of the best period to visit Le Marche is September, the month that follows July and August considered the High Season.

But ... why to choose september to visit Le Marche?!

Although Le Marche is not crowded of Tourists there are other 10 reason to visit this part of Italy in September. 

  1. The weather has plenty of sunny days and the temperature is still warm.. www
  2. The temperature is more pleasant than in August and July
  3. You don't have long waits visiting the Frasassi Caves - http://www.frasassi.com ;
  4. The accommodations become more affordable - http://www.marchebreaks.com/marcheaccommodation.htm 
  5. The service in the accommodations is even better than in high summer.
  6. In the restaurants you can get more at the same price. Busy restaurants, for example, don't offer free coffee or digestive.  http://www.marchebreaks.com/marcherestaurants.htm
  7. The fishing season restarts and you can find fish caught locally again undoubtedly superiors.
  8. Festivals and Events become more genuine because they are intended for locals and not just for tourists.  http://www.marchebreaks.com/marcheculture.htm
  9. You can go shopping for the discounted Summer Collections in the numerous outlets of the region.   http://www.marchebreaks.com/marcheshopping.htm
  10. Your contact with the people of the area becomes easier and you are more likely to see the small towns without a lot of foreign tourists
  11. You can find discounted flights to Ancona Airport.  http://www.marchebreaks.com/marchetransports.htm
  12. The grape harvests start and wine tasting around is more interesting. http://www.marchebreaks.com/marchewines.htm