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Up until the early 1800s the village was called Roccacontrada and its urban layout conveys the idea of a fortified stronghold, solid and safe atop a mountain. In the Medieval era this fortress dominated a vast territory that included a great number of castles, many of which still exist to the present day, well cared for and retaining their ancient splendor, such as Nidastore, Palazzo, Avacelli, Piticchio, to name a few. From the heights of its position, the castled town looked down on the gentle hills which cascade all the way to the sea. At one time this village prided itself on a very active artistic and cultural life which counted literary academies, pictorial arts schools and men of letters. Signs of this erstwhile vitality can still be found today in the paintings of Luca Signorelli and Ercole Ramazzani and the polychrome ceramics by Giovanni della Robbia. The Archaeological Museum conserved the remarkable remains of the Conelle settlements; these are the remaining traces of ancient settlements that date back to over five thousand years ago and they include ceramics and pottery, funeral urns and some bronze objects from a later era.