New Form of hospitality: 7 "Alberghi Diffusi" in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |

Partly a house and partly a hotel, dedicated to those people who do not like hotel stays; in short, this is a new form of hospitality that takes the name of “Albergo Diffuso” . Its main components are distributed in different buildings, all located in the same village/town. The term “diffuso” (diffuse) denotes a structure that is horizontal, and not vertical like the one pertaining to traditional hotels, which often do not constitute a pleasant sight, reminding us of blocks of flats. ADs satisfy the tourists’ demand of stays in renowned and famous areas and towns, of contact with residents and local people rather than only with other tourists, and of the traditional comforts offered in hotels, such as room service or a restaurant. This form of hospitality has showed to be very efficient for the valorisation of towns and villages that are artistically or architecturally peculiar and interesting; through ADs we can valorise old and dismissed buildings and, at the same time, we can avoid to solve the problems of hospitality only through the construction of new structures.