Le Marche another Italy
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Le Marche another Italy
Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops towns, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!
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British businessman finds the ‘real Italy’ in Le Marche - FT.com

British businessman finds the ‘real Italy’ in Le Marche - FT.com | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

When Michael Hobbs decided to move to Italy, he thought first of the gentle rolling hills and elegant piazzas of Tuscany. It was 2005, and the British businessman had been running Adams Childrenswear for almost a decade in the UK. The role followed two years in the coastal town of Duxbury, south of Boston, Massachusetts, where he was North American vice-president of textile design company Laura Ashley [...]

Mariano Pallottini's insight:

Read this article to know Michael Hobbs, who has successfully introduced the fractional ownership business in the Marche, a region where even the more traditional activity of "house rental" struggles to survive and where the real estate market this fall seems (official data not yet available) did not have the right impulse after the crisis as hoped.

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Business Le Marche Style | How my olive farm dream came true

Business Le Marche Style | How my olive farm dream came true | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

A MAN who swapped Malvern water for Mediterranean olive oil has spoken of his mission to create the golden liquid.
Robert Powell was the chief engineer at the Malvern Water bottling plant at Colwall but now has successfully produced another product.
He moved to the Le Marche region of Italy three years ago, buying a farmhouse and olive grove called Casale Delle Rondini.
After learning the art of making olive oil, he is now selling his product commercially and is offering foodies the chance to adopt an olive tree.
Before working at Malvern Water, Mr Powell was at Metal Box in Worcester for 23 years, starting as an apprentice and rising up the ranks to become a shift manager, then later moving to the Colwall job.
He said: “My partner, Francesco Russo, is Italian and we had visited Italy lots of times so always wanted to live here.
“But because I wouldn’t leave my father who was in his 90s, we had to wait till he passed away.
“We decided the main olivegrowing region in Puglia was too hot in the summer, so picked Le Marche, which is in central Italy and also a very good olivegrowing area plus beautiful countryside halfway between the mountains and the coast.”
They bought an olive grove, but it had been neglected for decades and lots of work was necessary to bring it back into a state where it was productive. It took many weeks of hard work to bring the grove, which was overgrown with brambles and weeds, back into a usable state. [...]

Mariano Pallottini's insight:

Here the best Highlight:

"Mr Powell said the first harvest two years ago in the middle of November was a memorable experience, with friends and relatives all helping, sharing picnics and wine as they worked.
And the pressing of that first crop was even more memorable.
He said: “We waited at the end of the line, fresh crusty bread all ready to catch those first drops of amazing greeny golden liquid that now flowed into the containers that we had brought."

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BBC Escape To The Continent Season 1 Episode 17 - Italy - Le Marche

Nicki Chapman is hoping she can find an Italian property for an entrepreneurial woman who plans to relocate her home and business to the stunning region of Le Marche, on a budget of £700,000.

Away from the property hunt, Nicki offers practical tips on making a move to Italy and visits the medieval town of Fabriano to learn the ancient art of paper-making.

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N.22 - Successful "Case History" of foreigners buying a property in Le Marche - Anne and Cees

N.22 - Successful "Case History" of foreigners buying a property in Le Marche - Anne and Cees | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

Anne and Cees during a holidays abroad, realised they were missing something in life. Both had a good job; Anne was an interior designer and Cees worked in a nice hotel. They had a nice house in the neighbourhood of Nijmegen in Holland. They were really loved by a cute little dog and numerous friends. These people like many others in this moment were subconsciously looking for a new “home” telling each other things like “I wouldn't like to live here” or “This is a nice place to live, maybe” or “what a good feeling in Italy”.
Italy was a dream and they were scared by the many differences along the territory.
Where to Live? Close the Mountains, by the sea,in big cities or in the countryside.
They decided to go for the most beautiful spots within the budget, looking for a good place more than a nice house.
In 2008 they had a 3 weeks holiday in the Le Marche and Abruzzo Regions.
The first week in northern Le Marche was fantastic; beautful landscapes with hills and forrests and very friendly people. Beautiful towns and great food and wine.
The second week they were in Abruzzo, absolutely nice place but very different than Le Marche. Less vegetation and much dryer. The third week they got back to Le Marche and really started to “house hunting”. In just a week the couple found an initial house . You won't believe, the changed idea other three times but finally they got the right one.
It was a neglected old farmhouse with 8 hectares of land, with vinyards, orchards and an olive grove. This was going to be their Bed & Breakfast and Mini-Camping.
Situated on an ideal spot, 25 kilometres from the Adriatic coast and 40 kilometres from the Apennine Mountains.
There was a delay to find the sum to renovate the house because of Credit Crunch, but now they could live their dream.
Helped by laborious builders they could open right for the good season and start to get the money back.
With 2 B&B rooms, an Mini-apartment and 8 spots for tents on a sort of Mini Camping, they think their life is set to success. Helped by people promoting the place, and thanks to internet, the first month of activity they were fully booked and had great fun with fabulous guests.
Going together to local festas, sagras, restaurants and wineries; cooking for them 3 times a week and all the other things they had in mind. Even now off of the season they have guests making them very positive for the better seasons.

"Whatever happens, we will never go back. We love Marche"

Cees den Hartog
Anne Klein Severt

Cees Den Hartog's comment, January 27, 2013 3:55 AM
Yes, thank you. I'm in Montottone next 3 weeks. If you want to come by, you always are welcome for a café or a bichiere di vino. Carassai is only 10 minutes away.
Mariano Pallottini's comment, January 27, 2013 4:00 AM
Thank you very much for the invitation. I accept with pleasure.
Cees Den Hartog's comment, January 27, 2013 4:07 AM
Let me know in front, because I will be working a lot outside if the weather stays nice.