Tempera Ascoli Piceno: olives in brine from 1938 | Le Marche and Food | Scoop.it

To prepare the delicious Fried stuffed olives Ascolana style - Olive Ripiene All'Ascolana – you need, as indispensable ingredient, the great big green Olives which you can buy "in salamoia" (brine).
These kind of olives are produced by a local variety of olive tree called Ascolana Tenera and which does produce big fat olives.
The Ascolana Tenera is a green olive juicy with a pleasant sweet flavor. The large olive fruits, which weigh between 8 to 10 grams, are harvested between September and October.
One of the most famous merchant of this extraordinary product is Tempera. The Tempera family sells olives in brine from 1938 ...