Have you ever created a website or written a short story only to have someone contact you claiming that you have stolen their idea and if you don’t take it down immediately they’ll take legal action? This doesn’t actually happen as often as you would think, more often than not because intellectual property (IP) law is quite complex and everyday people (like you and me) struggle to understand where our rights lie. If you have recently written a novel or have recorded a CD of original music, you really should be seeking advice about how to protect it.

One of the best services offered by intellectual property lawyers is that of managing a person’s ideas. The lawyer will explain to you all the different protections that may be relevant to the IP you have created – such as copyright, patents, trademarks and trade secrets – as well as what they will do in the event that this protection is ever infringed upon. Enforcing your IP protection can be quite a daunting prospect – do you really want to call up some stranger and demand that they stop using your business name to promote themselves? – which is why the assistance of a lawyer never goes astray.

The management of your IP will also include a number of additional services that your intellectual property lawyer will undertake for you. When you approach them with an idea or a recipe that you wish to protect from being used for financial gain by other people, the lawyer will advise you about which protection will best suit your needs. They will then go about filing all of the paperwork and documentation that is needed to ensure that this protection is legally binding. As well as dealing with cases where your IP protection has been infringed, the lawyer will also be responsible for dealing with permissions that people pay for to use your idea.

Once you have established a rock solid relationship with your intellectual property lawyers , they may begin to offer you advice in other areas that are relevant to the idea you are endeavoring to protect. This might include advice on the licensing and registration of your idea or business, as well as ways that you can exploit your IP for financial gain. You can also use the services of your lawyer to help prevent you from infringing on other peoples IP protections, which could result in a very unwanted lawsuit. And, should you ever accidentally infringe on someone else’s copyright, your lawyer should be able to help you deal with it immediately.



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