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Fuji X-Pro1 with Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 135mm f/2D

Before I begin talking about the 135mm f/2 lens, I will explain why there is a the new title added to this series. This is the last of my Nikkor lenses that I will be writing about, the only other one being a “G” lens which will not work with the adapter I bought. After this posting, there will begin reviews of other third party lenses and their respective adapters. Not only will there be my thoughts on these “other” lenses, but I have invited other Fuji XP1 owners (as guests) to review their lenses. I would like to extend this invitation to everyone with a XP1 and third party lenses. The original intent that I had for creating this blog site, was because I had wanted to know before purchasing the Fuji XP1 myself, how it worked with third party lenses. There just wasn’t much out there at the time. Thus the first intention may have been personal, but I had hopes of it becoming more of a community share. So if anyone would like to participate in sharing your experiences using the Fuji XP1 with third party lenses, then write me at It makes the most sense to keep the format the same, i.e. one or several photos of the camera lens combination, the written personal experiences and some sample shots. There are plenty of technical reviews out there so I would like to keep this blog more in line with personal experiences, more emotional....

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