Frequently Misunderstood JavaScript Concepts | latech |

This book is not designed to teach you JavaScript, but it does recognize that you are likely to have taught yourself JavaScript and that there are some key concepts that you may have missed along the way. This section is particularly important if your primary language is Java as the syntactic similarities between Java and JavaScript belie the differences in their respective designs.

Table of contents:
* JavaScript Objects are Associative Arrays whose Keys are Always Strings
* There are Several Ways to Look Up a Value in an Object
* Single-quoted Strings and Double-quoted Strings are Equivalent
* There are Several Ways to Define an Object Literal
* The "prototype" Property is Not the Prototype You are Looking For
* The Syntax for Defining a Function is Significant
* What "this" Refers to When a Function is Called
* The "var" Keyword is Significant
* Block Scope is Meaningless


Via Jan Hesse, Entropic-Synergies