New York City, NY 18th July 2014 - one of the leading typing consultant in the market has confirmed plans to expand its team of professional typists as a response to the increasing number of customers who have been ordering its services over the last few months. According to a statement released by the company the expansion will begin in the coming few weeks and will make its team the largest one in terms of capacity. has in the last few months reported significant rise in customer orders. The professional typist has seen an expansion of its customer base by over 50% in what has remained one of its stellar performances in recent years. The expansion of its writing team is seen by many analysts in the market as a very innovative step forward that will in many ways promote a remarkable wide access to professional services in the coming months. has remained one of the most sought after professional typing consultants in the market. The company has invested heavily each and every year to ensure that its service remain as professional as they can possibly get and even in the future, is looking to maintain this trend. The expansion of its team is a great show of the growing dedication within its ranks to deliver services to as many customers as possible.

The provider has noted that the main focus will be to recruit new and experienced typist to complement the efforts its current team is playing. In addition to this, the typing service expert will be looking to put in place a number of modern equipment designed to make its service efficient and flexible to all. is confident that a combination of these two will prove very effective in serving the huge customer base.

Typing is not only boring but also very error prone. For many people who are looking for professional typing services the idea of finding and working with a reliable expert is indeed a big priority. The good thing is is here to make this a reality. The company has been at the fore front in offering quality at very reasonable costs. For more details on how you can work with its team, please get in touch through today.

About is a leading typing expert that has been offering its services for a significant number of years now. The company is today one of the major players in the sector and has set the pace towards quality services for the last decade. For more details please feel free to visit

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