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Computers have become so much a part of our normal, daily life along with a number of other gadgets that the present generation cannot even imagine that there was a generation before them that stood gaping at the first computer when it made its practical presence felt on our lives for the first time some three decades ago. Now computers are so common and essential to our daily needs that without it, life will come to a standstill. All this seems to make Henry Thoreau’s prophetic warning “Man will soon become just an instrument of his own technology” come true.

Computers are now as much a part of modern man’s life as the motor car or the refrigerator is. Nothing, even the most basic of household chores like selecting and ordering vegetables from a vendor, getting cash from the bank, paying for utilities like electricity, gas, telephone etc  can be accomplished without a computer. Even the egg one eats at breakfast, no it’s not laid by a computer, but comes from a chicken whose genetic history is mapped and analyzed by and stored in a computer. Thus there is not one facet of our life that is not touched by the use of this omnipotent machine that it is only natural that it itself has undergone such a metamorphosis that the computer in its present form and performing power is as different from the earlier version as a T-Model Ford is from a Formula1 racing machine.