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A/B Testing Is So Yesterday--and So Is Your MBA

A/B Testing Is So Yesterday--and So Is Your MBA | Language teaching |
Business schools have fallen behind the times. Here's how to make sure your company doesn't do the same.
Peter Isackson's insight:

This article sums up the drama of the moment within our entire educational ethos in relation to the real economy. By clinging to models optimized, during the industrial revolution, for an economy operating on principles that are no longer viable and refusing even to try to understand why they may no longer be viable, education is painting itself into a dead corner. This is true not only of the providers but als of the "consumers" of education, the business world, that is supposedly interested in renewing its management practices. We know -- thanks to IBM's 2010 survey of CEOs ( -- that creativity, flexibility, comfort with ambiguity, appreciation of complexity and openness are the new requirements for management in the real world, but educational institutions still believe their job is to supply cookie-cutters and recipe books. And a lot of HR departments are quite happy to apply the "tried and true" methods associated with MBA culture.


The contradiction is becoming increasingly apparent but the response also appears to be typically off-base. This article explains very clearly why!

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) | Language teaching |
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) - Dr. Nellie Deutsch


The aim of the course is to connect with TESOL educators from around the world for collaborative exchange of ideas and best practices on how to teach English to speakers of other languages in face-to-face, blended and/or fully online learning environments, and in the flipped class. 

The course is ongoing with live classes, workshops, and demonstrations of innovations and best practices by guest speakers. 

The focus of the workshops will depend greatly on the needs of the members of the course. The participants will collaborate, share ideas, and decide what they need for their classes and courses. The goal is for TESOL teachers to connect for learning and best practices, and to inspire one another. The topics will include classroom management, creating socially engaging learning activities, integrating web technology and live classes such as WzIQ for blended and fully online learning and the flipped classes, and ideas on how to teach language learning skills. 

Learning with technology will include mobile learning and teaching with androids, iPhone, and iPads.

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