Lances IMC Milestone 1 (Brand Strength)
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Lances IMC Milestone 1 (Brand Strength)
Articles for my IMC class, based on the theme of brand strength
Curated by Lance Holland
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Google Hires Guy Kawasaki to ReInvigorate Motorola Brand

Google Hires Guy Kawasaki to ReInvigorate Motorola Brand | Lances IMC Milestone 1 (Brand Strength) |
Google definitely got itself a solid portfolio of devices and technologies when it acquired Motorola Mobility, but if the Motorola brand doesn’t exactly stir strong feelings in you, you’re not alone. Google itself apparently feels the same way.

Via Leroux Sylvain, Sylvain Leroux
Lance Holland's insight:

Googles strong brand has allowed the company to extend the brand by acquiring Motorolla. Google brands strength has made this an acceptable move o consumers and should help to negate any hard feelings of loyal Motorolla customers. Additionally, Motorolla consumers are now exposed to Googles brand through the acquisition. this article reinforces the importance of brand strength and what sit allows company's to acceptably do, and further enhance their brand.

Kasem Tanom's comment, March 18, 2013 6:14 AM
I agree with you google is a strong brand and by working along side Motorolla it will help increase brand awareness and strength and will benefit both companies as they are enhancing their brand and more consumers will be exposed to brand aware of the two brands which in the end may result in the two companies forming stronger relationships with consumers. A question which I need to ask is do you think Imc plays a major role in branding for the two companies?
Gavin Lionheart's comment, March 18, 2013 6:43 AM
Motorolla is an extremly popular used phones, by using google as said above can create strong brand awareness and strength to benefit companies. By exposing Motorolla to google they are able to form a relationship which will give equal benefits to both successful companies.
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The New Marketing Strategy: Company Culture

The New Marketing Strategy: Company Culture | Lances IMC Milestone 1 (Brand Strength) |

Via Daniel Watson
Lance Holland's insight:

Fascinating implications for IMC. A stronger organisational culture would certainly have a positive effect on brand strength. Stronger brands = higher awareness and brand recognition. Perhaps greater retention and recall. the brands we all remember do seem to have stronger culture ie Apple, Nike

Georgia Hogarty's comment, March 20, 2013 7:44 PM
I agree with this article. Marketing does attract a wide range of consumers and cultures so this forms relationships with consumers. A multicultural business definitely has its advantages and is a good way of attracting consumers resulting in higher brand awareness and stronger relationships.
Kajal Bhaga's comment, April 8, 2013 6:21 PM
I really enjoyed reading this article. I found it truly interesting. I believe this is a good and effective article to read about in relation to IMC. I agree with you Matthew and the article that “If you treat your business like a machine then don’t be surprised when your employees act like passionless robots”, I think this is absolutely true. I agree with the article that strategy + culture = success, however, it does not work if the people part of the equation is forgotten. Companies need to align culture and social marketing strategy.

According to, content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs, video, social media and additional forms of content marketing. Inbound marketing gets customers attention, and makes a company easy to be found, and also attracts customers to the website by creating interesting content.

What are the powerful implications of a content marketing culture on sales, business growth, branding, team relationships and organisational culture? When a company starts educating people, making content and answering questions ideally building trust and building a relationship which will allow a company to earn the opportunity to partner with them (people). COMPANIES NEED TO MAKE MARKETING A TEAM SPORT and create interdependency that companies fundamentally have engineers speaking life into a brand that companies can take their knowledge and through video and blogs can answer questions which generate leads and then sales. When companies make marketing a team sport, the trust and the relationships that are built within the company is very strong and effective.
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Apple Strikes Back Against Samsung And The Galaxy S4 Marketing - Forbes

Apple Strikes Back Against Samsung And The Galaxy S4 Marketing - Forbes | Lances IMC Milestone 1 (Brand Strength) |
G 4 Games Apple Strikes Back Against Samsung And The Galaxy S4 Marketing Forbes Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller took a swipe at Android in advance of Samsung's launch of the Galaxy S4 last week, and now the rest of the marketing department...
Lance Holland's insight:

This article demonstrates the importance of having a strong brand. Apples lead in the smartphone industry and overall brand strength allows them to directly compete with Samsung and Android regarding consumer recall of smartphone brands. In this case Apple want to be the first to come to mind when discussing smartphone brands. Reinforces importance of a strong brand and implications for marketing strategies.

Kasem Tanom's comment, March 19, 2013 3:22 AM
Apple has strong brand identity and recognition. Consumers know what Apple is all about with their famous apple logo. The reason why they are leading in the smartphone industry is because they have an overall brand strength and awareness around the world and many consumers trust it to be a reliable company to purchase quality products from and are willing to fork out alot of cash to do so to fit in with society.
Gavin Lionheart's comment, March 20, 2013 12:28 AM
This article talks about the brand apple and its competitors, both apple and samsung have a high brand identity mainly for their creation of smart phones. Having strong competitors will strive apple to become top of the leader board. Apple releases new products requently throughout each year with suprisingly more amazing technology, therefore putting them on top is no suprise. How this could relate to marketing is continuing to produce goods to satisfy consumers.