Just published online: Radiographic and radiological assessment of laminitis by Sherlock and Parks in Equine Veterinary Education, October 2013 | laminitis | Scoop.it

@HoofcareJournal writes: Newly published articles have a hierarchy. Of course, you'd like to read them all, and you mean to do just that. Once in a while, an article comes out that we all tag "must read". Even less frequently, we tag one "must save".


This paper surely falls in that last category. It has been published online, with print publication in the works. Download it, tag it, Evernote it, Mendeley it--whatever bookmarking system you use, save this one to reference and share.


While this 12-page article is technically about interpreting radiographs of horses with laminitis, it also examines the range of ways that laminitis can be seen in radiographs. Of special interest are the images and discussion of cases whose radiographs indicate uniaxial medial distal displacement of the distal phalanx ("media sinker").

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