Los Angeles, CA 6th July, 2014 - technicalwritingservices.biz has appointed a new team of customer support reps as part of the ongoing expansion of its human resource capacity. A statement released by the provider noted that the new team will start work as soon as possible and will lend a hand to the support department in the years to come. Technicalwritingservices.biz has termed the expansion of its human resource capacity as a very important pillar in its pursuit to deliver professional technical writing services to the world and as it looks, the provider is leaving to chance in improving its capacity.

Technicalwritingservices.biz is confident that the new support reps will play an important role in the provision of its technical writing services in the near and long term future. In addition to this, the writer has welcomed customers looking to explore its expertise in technical writing to take full advantage of the new reps as soon as possible. Once the ongoing human resource expansion is completed, technicalwritingservices.biz will become one of the biggest technical writing firms in terms of capacity and potential productivity.

According to analysts in the online based technical documentation services sector the main reason why technicalwritingservices.biz has been undertaking rigorous expansion of its capacity is based on the rapid rise in demand for its services. The provider in its half year performance report noted that customer orders over the last six months have grown by over 60% and as such its current team of staff has been struggling to deal with the huge work load.

However, the ongoing expansion which kicked off a few months back has done remarkably well to arrest this situation. Technicalwritingservices.biz notes that the appointment of new customer support reps is just the beginning and in fact, the company is also looking to bring on board new technical writers by the end of this month. All the same, a strong and capable support desk is a necessity especially for a company such as technicalwritingservices.biz which for years now has been one of the most sought after entities in the market.

Moving forward, the company has assured its customers that it will spare no efforts in its attempts to open its professional services to the world. Finding an ideal technical writer for all your technical documentation services has never been this easy and as many analysts in the sector note, it is clear that technicalwritingservices.biz is the best stop with the new support reps now in place. For the best online technical writing please get in touch with technicalwritingservices.biz through support@technicalwritingservices.biz.

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