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"Because of my 10-years of involvement with Storytelling, I have had great opportunities to learn more about the engaging concepts of story, how to construct them, and how to deliver them."


The author, Jeff Brunson, is married to Becky Brunson who is the Program Administrator for the International Storytelling Center. Here he writes a delightful piece with gold nuggets at the end. His insights toward the bottom of his article are a perfect counterpoint to the article I just curated on how to persuade people to take action with your stories: 


Jim's storytelling principles are at the heart of effective business storytelling:

The Story Is Told for Another The Story is Toid In Search of a Truth The Story is Told Because you Care for the Hearer


Now what would happen if our business storytelling, brand stories, and marketing stories not only moved people to action, but met these criteria also? 


Well, for one -- you'd avoid all those feelings of manipulation.

And second -- your storytelling would be truly great work


For me, these are the business storytelling principles to aspire to! Read both articles and learn the dance of balancing these principles with persuasion / influence.

Thank you Hans Heesterbeek and Gregg Morris for originally finding and sharing this article!


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