Kruger Park lodges and Accommodation, South Africa Lodges
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Kruger Park lodges and Accommodation, South Africa Lodges
The Kruger Park is one of Africa's oldest national parks and was founded in 1898 to safeguard the fauna and flora within the South African Lowveld. The park is two million hectares big or the size of Wales and hosts an extraordinary variety of wildlife species: 330 trees, 50 fish, 35 amphibians, 113 reptiles, 510 birds and 150 mammals. The optimum time to observe Kruger wildlife is during the cooler months of winter (April to September), mainly because water is limited to the rivers and waterholes and game viewing is better given that the vegetation is less dense. Summer time through October to March is frequently humid and hot as a result of the rains, bird watching is extremely good with wildlife viewing being good to excellent in the early mornings and late afternoons. November and December are the calving months of antelope which attracts the predators.
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