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Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is a content creator software that will help you create unlimited unique contents just few clicks. In last year, Sean and his team were created first version called Rapid Content Wizard and did $350,000 in sales in 7 days… Now, they rebuilt this from the ground up to make it 100x more powerful and profitable for you. It is the most powerful and innovative content creation software EVER devised. It completely ELIMINATES the need for time consuming manual content building and it is so simple and effective that you can use it right from their desktop. Rapid Content Wizard’s propitiatory “Content Fusion” engine generates the ultimate “FUSION” content from top ranking articles, relative videos, eye-catching images and profitable products from across the web, combines it in a unique and powerful way and posts it directly to your blogs on autopilot… Not only that, it can promote all your content as well. Now, we rebuilt this from the ground up to make it 100x more powerful… and profitable for you. Create Unlimited High-Quality Content on 100% Autopilot, Automatically Post Content to WordPress and Facebook Directly, Full Wordprocessor Interface with Instant Drag and Drop Interface, RapWiz Allows You to, Create Full Campaigns in Under 20 Seconds.