Why Should Children Study the Arts? | Kreativitätsdenken | Scoop.it

When and how should the arts be taught in schools? Are the arts only an important topic of study as they are related to math, IQ, reading, and test scores?

In a new book published through OECD, Ellen Winner, Stephan Vincent-Lancrin and I review the empirical evidence on the impact of arts education on cognitive and social skills. Arts education is often defended in schools as a way to boost academic performance, academic motivation, and creativity, rather than as valuable in its own right. The question we reviewed is whether or not arts education actually leads to these kinds of transfer.

In this review of the existing literature in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, we focus on well-conducted, scientific studies of arts: both integrated into the curricula and as afterschool programs. We look to cognitive, social, creative, emotional and brain-based outcomes as a result of visual arts, theatre, dance, music and creative writing classes.  A comprehensive and thorough look at the evidence and reasons why art is important for its own unique benefits as well as possible transfer effects to other areas, this book will be of interest to artists, educators, policy makers and academics.....