Social Media: If Content Is King, Then Storytelling Is Queen. 18 Checkpoints To Consider. | kraitosography |

In my previous post, I touched on content marketing and I emphasized throughout the post the importance of quality content. But what does that mean? If content is king, surely storytelling must be queen! What do I mean by this? I think storytelling is an important part of blogging. I have read many blogs, articles and as I step back to reflect on those that I would consider to be the cream of the crop, I can identify three components to online storytelling. Furthermore, each component has 6 key checkpoints. The three components are:


- The Story - the actual content and substance of the blog;
- The Goals – as it relates to the post and what you are trying to achieve with the audience; and
- The Delivery- how the content is conveyed.


Now lets look at the six checkpoints of each component...

Via Martin Gysler