Know 5 Forms Associated to Adjustment of Status
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Get a Green Card | Adjustment of Status Online

Get a Green Card | Adjustment of Status Online | Know 5 Forms Associated to Adjustment of Status |
Easily prepare your Adjustment of Status to get Green Card online. Step-by-step guidance helps you complete your U.S. immigration application accurately.
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Scooped by Michael Young!

Adjustment Of Status

Adjustment Of Status | Know 5 Forms Associated to Adjustment of Status |
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Know 5 Forms Associated to Adjustment of Status

Just as you think of filing an application for Permanent Residency and get you most awaited green card, you have to make it appoint that all your documents are well provided plus you fill out the correct form that corresponds to your type of application. What we are for you on this article is a list of
the different forms which you may need to secure or accomplish so everything is in order upon submission. So if you are ready then you may start browsing through this article.

1. Form I- 485 – This is the most important form to accomplish when someone files for Adjustment
of Status. Such form is also called Application form for Registering Permanent Residence or
Adjustment of status. Once this form has been accomplished, the applicant needs to secure
supporting documents to support the application.

2. G-28 - Is also known as the Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited
Representative. Such form is downloadable from the website of US Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS) . The G-28 form is used to notify a lawyer or representative of religious sects,
charitable or social institutions to show themselves before the office of USCIS on behalf of
someone who has a business with the said department.

3. I-485 Supplement A – This form is accomplished to support Form I-485. It aims to give additional
data to USCIS about concerned individual who wishes to adjust his status under the listed
conditions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

4. I -765 - Here’s another form that you may need to accomplish upon filing for Adjustment of
status. This form is called the Application for Employment Authorization which aims to support
your document when requesting for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from the
concerned department. Such form is only accomplished by non US citizens who are temporarily
residing at any US territory.

5. Form I94 - Is better known as the Arrival-Departure Record for Non Immigrant Visitors
with a Visa for US. This form possesses two definite sections. First, the involved person must
accomplish both of these sections upon setting foot on US. The second portion is the so called
departure record which indicates departure details of the person. This form is given back to the
concerned personnel upon departure of the visitor.

G-1145 or E- Notification of Application/ Petition Acceptance - Is a form for the applicant
or petitioner who is allowed to file his documents at any of the three lockbox facilities. This for
someone who would want to be electrically notified if his application has already been handed
to the right department.

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