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Recently we came across this great infographic by AXZM detailing the five elements of inbound marketing for your business. While they seemed to have channeled Captain Planet to design and categorize this infographic; using Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and the fifth element “Aether” that binds all other forces together.


It’s a great guide for a marketer or business owner just starting out in marketing. Each element is tied to an inbound marketing tactic and is partnered with a brief description of the benefit of each tactic, popular platforms, tools used and/ or best practices to implement.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing concept where marketers aim at getting discovered by potential customers who are actively looking for your product or solution. This idea of “being where your customers are looking” contrasts the traditional way of marketing through television commercials, cold calling, direct mail, trade shows, etc....

Via Jeff Domansky