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Why Technology Will Never Fix Education

Why Technology Will Never Fix Education | kkkkkk | Scoop.it

The real obstacle is student motivation, and no gadget can create that.

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K.I.R.M. God is Business " From Day One"'s curator insight, August 23, 2015 9:01 AM

motivated in school not denied out and just simply not being allowed in!  yes the real obstacles dealt with not those that create more but look indifferentiated as better. I do recall a young man stating he had went to get some fast food while in the place the line went no where and he was thinking what was going on with that. It was funny to find that when it got to his turn the electronic cash register was broken and the cashier could not do the math of the purchases without it right. She had been through high school and all that but was allowed to use calculators instead of doing the math for herself, the new technology way but this young lady using her own abilities to count had a problem adding up dollar items and adding the proper taxes on then subtracting the amount of money she was given for the purchase and then giving back the right amount of  change. There was those that she was giving back more change than was given to pay and of coarse they said nothing but those she gave back less than she should have would yell and ask her how in the he-- she got the job she can count what 1plus1 is and all such. The thing he noticed when it got to be his turn the young lady didn't care anymore and just gave him what ever back but he corrected her told her it was ok and showed her a simple way to add and subtract and that was when she said she had been in school all that time and her calculator was how she learned bykeying the info in and when the cash register broke and she was on her own she just didn't know what to do but she thanked him for caring! enough to not ridicule but show her a way out because she already knew she didn't know how to  count but she didn't know what to do about It but he did. education is a great thing but what are the children learning because there may come a day when technology is not working "ipad" all such then how will the answers be obtained will they be able to maintain a life without technology.

Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's curator insight, April 20, 2016 12:52 PM
Humans, whether administrators, teachers, or parents, remain the key to improving school.
Laura Rodríguez Vanegas's curator insight, May 2, 2016 9:43 PM
Technology is  just a resource, a tool for  teaching and learning. Technology is not the encharged of doing the teacher´s job.Teachers and learners should know how  to manage technology in order to see results in learning trought it . I agree with the text writer when he says that  technology craate social disparities.It is not only about innovation in learning trough technology. If  the technology is not available for all kinds of students progress in education will not increase.
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No Gust, thank you!!