The Answer Is The Ecosystem: Introduction. | Kill The Record Industry |

A thesis about non-linear communication should probably not be read in a linear way. I had the help of the great designer Ryan Van Etten to turn this thought into reality. He did a great job adapting the paper version into the site you see before you now. You'll find that everything is very linked, so whenever you want to see a reference to earlier research, click the link and the site will take you there.

One of the motivations for writing this thesis is because over the years I've grown quite tired about the endless 'piracy' debate and the toll this is having on our culture and even civil liberties. I never believed piracy to be the problem and as this thesis shows it's actually more of a symtpom than the cause. I wanted to show that piracy doesn't have to be the problem, and it doesn't, as long as you follow the rules of non-linearity.

This thesis investigates this non-linearity and all its symptoms: peer-to-peer filesharing, social networks, crowdsourcing, word of mouse, the economy of abundance and new business models.

I hope this thesis helps you reach your goals.