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Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories is a print, hardcover, full-colour gamebook in which you control three private investigators as they race to unravel the paranormal mysteries of 1930s New York. It's available there on Kickstarter (40 days left):

Designed by: Megara Entertainment
This 200-page book (549 game paragraphs) will be printed in full color, featuring dozens of rich illustrations detailing both the fantastic and everyday elements of depression-era America. This is a high-quality hardback publication – yet one that will be printed at costs that would normally allow only lesser-quality paperback works.
Though in some ways similar to classic gamebooks such as the Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy series (which we don't own, by the way), Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories introduces innovative elements to interactive fiction. Its expansive non-linear plot (549 game paragraphs means a lot of alternatives) allows the player to control three detectives at once. Game mechanics blend seamlessly with the story, and the book's system of codewords allows a precise record of how the player affects the world. As such, the choices you make have real, long-term consequences – in this story, and in future Arcana Agency adventures.