This document was pretty short as oppose to other documents. It was easy to follow and had very good information on the revolution in Haiti.



-events that changed Saint-Domingue into an independent nation of Haiti: 1791-1804
-ridded of slavery and freed from French rule
-inspiration to other revolts
-1791, French National Assembly passed the law that said all men who were born from free parents would be full citizens in the colonies. The whites in St-Domingue refused and a fight broke out between them and the Blacks at Port-au-Prince
-slaves revolt against their landowners
-White government needed more militia --> citizenship extended to all free men, any color in 1792
-while the gvmt was working on abolishing slavery, white planters pleaded assistance from Britain
-Leader of revolution: Toussaint L'Ouverture in 1794; skilled at manipulating French gvmt and "managing the tensions between Haiti's different social groups"
-He was betrayed during an invasion and the French were forced to leave (Haiti) alone
-in 1804, Dessalines approved the independence of Haiti