25 Must Have New Social Media Conversion Tools  [Infographic] | Kevin I Mills | Scoop.it

Social media conversion – many of us are talking the talk, but do we really know what it means or how to achieve, and more importantly, measure it?


If you’re wondering how to best use social media in your business, how to reach your customers better and how to measure what you’re doing, then you’ve come to the right place.


I’ve collected a bunch of the best new links that will help you figure it out and implement it like a.. well, whatever you want to implement it like. :-)


Here are 25 of the best posts on social media conversion in the last couple of weeks, arranged by topic:

Marty Note
Tracking social is both art and science and the best tools understand how to mix the two. Many new to me tools here that feel worth exploring. Love the funny infographic defining each social net by how one eats bacon.


Read more at: http://unbounce.com


Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Ivo Nový